Design and technical jewellery school

The creation of a piece of jewellery is called “artistic”, when it excels from a technical point of view, when it displays a specific choice of style and form, and when it expresses the originality, personality, passion and the emotions of its creator. It belongs, therefore, to the sphere of art and imagination. Precious, unique pieces, conceived, designed and created by masterly hands, made using precious metals, combined and adorned with gems and enamels, engraved and fret-worked. Ornaments, which then became jewellery, have accompanied us throughout our history, magically expressing and transmitting the personality of both the creator and the wearer.

The jewellery-making school Metallo Nobile
The Lily of Florence

The jewellery school

The jewellery school in Florence Metallo Nobile has been active in the fields of jewellery making and jewellery design since 1998...
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Jewellery making courses
Drawing for the design of a piece of jewellery

Courses and specializations

We use the term “excellence” for a piece of jewellery, when we speak of artifacts, of objects made by hand without the aid of machines. The jewellery school Metallo Nobile follows...
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A jewellery teacher
Drawing of a dragon

The jewellery making masters

The teachers and the assistants have one thing in common: a great capacity for communicating and for transmitting their know-how...
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