Enamelling course

Enamelling is an old technique that was very popular in ancient Egypt. It was applied to all or part of metal surfaces and carried out with materials similar to glass which were transparent or opaque, but usually coloured. The various colours of the dyes were obtained from the various compositions of metal oxides. We apply enamel to highlight a special feature on gold and silver items.
The processing steps include the preparation of the powders, pickling of the metal surfaces to be enamelled, and application of the powders to the surfaces. This is followed by repeated firing of the items in the kiln to melt and then solidify the enamel after which we finish the enamelled parts with abrasive agents and hydrofluoric acid. The following techniques are used for the hot enamelling: cloisonné, champlevé, cathedral and miniature.

Jewel made with enamel technique

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Three-month 108 12 € 2300
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Ring made with enamel technique

Jewellery pieces made with enamelling technique