Fretwork course

The fretwork (also perforation) is essential for the construction of jewellery; it is indispensable for cutting out the various parts making up the jewel from the raw sheet, which will then be assembled and welded together.
Perforation allows for obtaining the most various types of decorations in order to make the jewel lighter, and more elegant with an alternating of full and empty parts. After having drawn the desired design on the sheet, the blade of a saw is used to perforate the sheet, carefully following the outline of the decoration or the traced item.
The perforation also makes it possible to prepare for embellishing special types of settings. The embellishing consists of the widening of the part under the perforation; in this way the gemstone is able to obtain light from underneath and at the back of the jewel as well, thereby being enhanced with a particularly valuable finish.

Bracelet made with the fretwork technique

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Duration No. hours Weeks Price
Three-month 96 12 € 1530
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Bracelet made with the fretwork technique

Jewellery pieces made with fretwork technique