Jewellery courses and specializations in jewellery-crafting techniques

We use the term “excellence” for a piece of jewellery, when we speak of artifacts, of objects made by hand without the aid of machines. The jewellery school Metallo Nobile follows fully in the footsteps of this tradition and of the know-how associated with it, emphasizing greatly the value of manual dexterity and technical expertise.

Students at the welding and casting bench

In our jewellery making courses, we prepare our students in the production of artifacts requiring a high level manual dexterity, using precious metals, if desired combined with other metals, with or without gems. We prepare them to create unique pieces or even limited editions, with the sole requirement that the characteristics of manual dexterity and professionalism that characterize the pieces be maintained intact. The innovative elements introduced in our programs relate to the acquisition of those drawing skills, both manual and computer-aided, which are indispensable for setting up a project with the full knowledge of the technical issues relating to the implementation process.
A passion for handwork and for metal-working techniques is essential for those who wish to enter the world of jewellery making and hands-on workshop practice is indispensable for developing technical and creative abilities. This is why the school allows students to acquire practical experience in an Open Studio after school hours.
The jewellery courses are aimed both at newcomers to this craft and at those who already have some basic knowledge and wish to acquire additional specialized techniques.
Each student receives a complete personal kit of work tools. Lessons are held daily, mornings and afternoons, from Monday through Friday.
Courses are held in Italian, although each teacher and all assistants speak at least one foreign language such as English, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese.

Lezione di oreficeria

Jewellery making course

There are no prerequisites for attenting the course. The different durations of the courses are formulated to adapt to the abilities, capacities...
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Jewellery design and technical drawing

Jewellery design and technical drawing course

The jewellery design courses are designed to furnish the graphic skills necessary for the profession of jewellery designer, and for...
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From the design to the creation of the jewellery piece

Combined: jewellery making and jewellery design course

The school offers the combination of the jewellery design and technical drawing course with the jewellery-making course...
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3d rendering of a bracelet

Computer design 3D and Prototyping

The school’s courses in computer graphics for jewellery are aimed at designers who want to approach the world of computer-aided 3D jewellery modelling...
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Stone-setting on a ring


The stone-setting, olso stone-embedding, is a procedure for fixing the gemstones...
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Plate engraving


Engraving is a technique used in the jewellery trade to embellish and decorate all types of items...
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Wax model inspired by a rooster

Wax modelling and micro-casting

Creation of sculpted jewellery items...
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Enamelling of a ring


Enamelling is an old technique that was very popular in ancient Egypt. It was applied to...
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Fretwork on a ring


The fretwork (olso perforation) is essential for the construction of jewellery; it is indispensable for cutting out the various parts making up the jewel from...
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Machine for cutting precious stones

Gemstone cutting

The contents of the course include information on techniques for the cutting and faceting of gemstones...
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Chiselling and embossing processing

Chiselling and embossing

Embossing and chiselling are techniques that in gold work are generally used together...
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Repair of a ring

Jewellery repair

The course covers learning jewellery repair techniques and the use of the machines and utensils...
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