Jewellery making course

There are no prerequisites for attending the course. The different durations of the courses are formulated to adapt to the abilities, capacities, requests and objectives of every single student.
In the laboratory every student has their own bench, complete with tools and is personally followed for the entire duration of their training.

The student at the workbench during the jewellery course

Beginners follow a specific programme for learning to use tools and the various metals to create a simple piece of jewellery (basic course).
When the student begins to master the main working techniques, their own creativity is expressed in the construction of more complex jewellery pieces, always with the constant help of the teachers. The jewellery course (minimum 3 months) includes several traditional decorative techniques such as engraving, stone setting and fretwork.

Basic jewellery courses

Study of the characteristics and behaviour of metals during the working process: plating, wire-drawing, welding.
Constructing a piece of jewellery: the various components and their combinations, uniting the parts (welding or mechanical jointing).
Hot and cold wax models, hot and cold plasticine models and silicone moulds, elements of precision casting: rings with various types of shanks, preparation of collets for cabochon and faceted stones, earrings, pendants and necklaces with hinged clasp mechanisms, construction of hinges, tunnelled pins with double-pin clasps, bracelets with snap clasps.
Finishing the executed pieces, smoothing, dressing and polishing. Various jewellery finishing techniques.
Practical exercises in stone-setting and engraving.

Advanced jewellery course

In-depth study of jewellery making techniques: wire-drawing, plating, fretwork, soldering, bead setting and à jour preparation.
Hot and cold wax modelling, plasticine modelling with relative silicon moulds, precision casting process.
Execution of pieces based on the drawings and models: rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces with complex clasp and jointed mechanisms.
Finishing processes of the executed pieces, smoothing, dressing and polishing.
Various kinds of jewellery-finishing processes.
Lessons are also provided in stone setting, burin engraving and on the techniques of fired enamelling. Practical exercises in stone-setting, fired enamel techniques and punch engraving.


Course prices

Duration No. hours Weeks Price
One-month 80 4 € 1550
Three-month 240 12 € 3750
Six-month 480 24 € 6150
One-year 720 36 € 8450
Two-year 1440 72 € 14200

Notes on the course

Attendance: 20 hours a week.

With the exception of those attending the one-month jewellery courses, all students who have no knowledge of the elements of technical design must attend 8 hours of technical drawing and design (included in the price).

Course calendar

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