Prototyping and computer designing of jewellery

The objective of the computer design course is to prepare the student to be able to design jewellery via use of the computer. By learning how to use the software for 3D designing, the student is able to acquire skills for creating virtual models than can be used for photorealistic rendering or stereolithographic prototyping.
Each computer design course is completed with the creation of a model designed by the student with the assistance of the teacher. In this way, the virtual idea-project-creation process becomes “real”, thus allowing the student to overcome a series of possible problems that could arise during the steps of the actual procedure which are indirectly linked to use of the computer.

Design and prototyping

The objective of the design course is to enable the student to reproduce an idea on paper via a correct representation and a careful analysis of the possible applications, limitations, and feasibility.
The creation of an item in resin that has previously been designed, allows the student to verify and control everything learnt during the course in terms of structure, function, representation, technique, etc.
It also provides a useful comparison between the final results, that is, the material item, and the initial idea and its subsequent processing.