Jewellery school Metallo Nobile
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Director of courses: Ignacio Elizari

Public relations and head of the office: Giuseppina Falsini

Student reception and educational activities coordinator: Azusa Shiokawa

Marketing and relations in Japan: Tamao Kawashima

Relations with Russian-speaking countries: Alexandra Barkova

Reception, office e international relations: Helen Holubov

The owners of the Metallo Nobile jewellery school

Metallo Nobile

by Artefatto srl

Via Toscanella 28 R
50125 Florence ~ Italy

Secretariat and information
tel. +39 0552396966

tel. +39 0552657605

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Ponte Vecchio - view from the Santa Trinita bridge

The goldsmith shops of Ponte Vecchio

Originally, the shops on the bridge were butcher shops.

In 1593, by decree of Ferdinand I de’ Medici, the artisan workshops of goldsmiths, silversmiths and jewellers were transferred from the area of the New Market of San Lorenzo to the Ponte Vecchio.