The jewellery making masters

The teachers and the assistants have one thing in common: a great capacity for communicating and for transmitting their know-how, acquired over many years of educational and professional experience. They are, therefore, able to train students who are also conscious of the issues associated with the execution and production of jewellery, with the aesthetic and formal problems tied with wearing a piece of jewellery, with the evolution of styles and with the constraints of the market and of commissions in general. They help the students to orient their choices, both on the basis of their inclination towards one technique or another and on the basis of the evolutions of the market.

Metallo Nobile jewellery workshop

Jewellery teachers are aided daily by lab assistants. Both play an important role with linguistic assistance where necessary. Each one speaks at least one foreign language: English, Spanish, Russian or Japanese.
The hallmark of the school is an atmosphere of great cooperation and ready assistance, considered by all as an indispensable aspect for fostering the learning process.

The jewellery making master Ignacio Victor Elizari

Ignacio Victor Elizari

He received a degree in Architecture in Buenos Aires in 1994 and then left for Italy to follow one of his great passions, painting...
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The jewellery making master Riccardo Mazzantini

Riccardo Mazzantini

His passion for jewellery making and its various techniques was born...
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The jewellery making master Agasi Ogannisian

Agasi Ogannisian

Agasi, of Armenian origin, began working as a youth in the workshop of his father...
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The jewellery making master Gianni Martini

Gianni Martini

His passion for jewellery making grew later, as he spent time in his father’s workshop...
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The technical draftsman Enrico Ferranti

Enrico Ferranti

He initially trained in the Faculty of Architecture of Florence where...
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