Micro-pavè course

This technique consists of ‘paving’ the entire surface with tightly-packed rows of stones, in such a way that every single surface, whatever its size, is entirely covered with the precious stone.
The use of this technology permits greater precision in the traditional steps of piercing and setting. Indeed, the microscope is only not used for magnification but more specifically for mounting the precious stones on ornaments and items of jewellery. The engraver’s ball and the tools of the trade (electronic compressed-air burin) are used simultaneously to achieve maximum precision.
The micro pavé technique also makes it possible to reduce to a minimum the amount of metal visible between the stones by creating tiny ‘grains’ or beads to hold them in place, so minuscule that they become almost invisible to the naked eye.
Each bead is rounded and perfectly and evenly smoothed, eliminating all imperfections and roughness, so that even the most delicate fabric can slide over them without getting snagged.

Brooch depicting a swan made in the micro-pavè course

Course price

Duration No. hours Weeks Price
One-month 36 4 € 850
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Jewel made in micro pavè

Jewellery pieces made with micro-pavè technique