Student testimonials on the jewellery school

“I attended the jewellery making course for one year at Metallo Nobile. I am very satisfied with the lessons and the teachers. I learned how to work paying close attention to details and with great patience. I made more than 100 pieces of jewellery e and am quite pleased with myself.”Akiko Ishida “I took a lot of different courses. The design course, the stone setting course and the basic jewellery course. The teachers’ skills were very good and very helpful. They explain everything in detail and they always take their time to show you how to work step by step. I also had very much fun with my group. And the school was close to Ponte Vecchio. So I always went to have lunch there and enjoy the beautiful view. It was a great inspiration.”Alex Piniatoro “Florence is one of Italy’s most beautiful cities. The school is well-situated and surrounded by workshops and jewellery shops. The inspiration is everywhere. The teachers have specialties in the Florentine Style (Buccellati), which is very advanced. So you get taught by high-ranked professionals. I can’t wait to go back to Metallo Nobile and learn more.”Tania Banilla “I am very satisfied with the lessons and the school in general. After completing a three-month course... I can finally start my own jewellery line!”Maria De Luca “My 4 months spent in this jewellery making school were wonderful. I attended the engraving, stone-setting and fretwork courses. I will most certainly return to learn more.”Dimitri Pedone “My friends in Japan told me there was a school in Italy that teaches jewellery design and fretwork. They showed me their jewellery and designs. I was quite surprised and impressed. After a month, I found myself in Florence attending the jewellery making courses. I am very pleased and hope to be able to return next year.”Ruki Akiyama “I regret that I only took a one-month course. I should have taken a three-month course! It was so interesting and it really covered everything that you needed to know about jewellery. I wanted to learn about new things and more! I am definitely coming back in September!”Sara Vestri “The overall environment was great. The course was quite good in every sense and I and very pleased.”Amanda Motta

Ancient Etruscan jewellery

The ancient art of goldsmithing

The Etruscans distinguished themselves in working with gold and were considered out-and-out masters in the goldsmithing arts. They were particularly specialised in the art of granulation: a sophisticated technique consisting in applying tiny gold spheres on jewellery as decorative elements.

Necklace ~ 7th century B.C.E
Gold hair braid ring ~ 7th century B.C.E
Dragon fibula ~ 7th century B.C.E