Stone-setting course

The stone-setting (also stone-embedding), is a procedure for fixing the gemstones in various ways inside the cavities previously prepared by the goldsmith. The setting must ensure that the fit (sit) are a perfect match with the shape, size, and cut of the individual gemstones. The skill and expertise that setters must possess stem first and foremost from their precision, care and experience in using the traditional techniques, instruments, tools and equipment. However, what distinguishes skilled setters is their ability to create their own personal solutions. Among the various types of settings there are the prong, bezel, channel, bead, burnish and invisible settings.

Ring made with the jewellery stone-setting technique

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Duration No. hours Weeks Price
Three-month 144 12 € 2300
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Jewel made with the goldsmith stone-setting technique

Jewellery pieces made with stone-setting technique