Wax modelling and micro-casting course

Creation of sculpted jewellery items.
The various types of wax and their ductility in moulding, the techniques for using lost-wax casting, the preparation of the wax and the systems for making it more or less mouldable, the modelling equipment, the weight ratios between the wax prototypes and the final product.
The techniques for using lost-wax casting, the instruments and machinery used throughout the entire process: from the moulding to the casting in hot silicon moulds and reproduction of the wax models with an injector.
Cleaning and finishing operations of the item created.

Ring made with the jewellery wax and micro-casting technique

Course price

Duration No. hours Weeks Price
Three-month 108 12 € 1600
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Piece realized in wax

Jewellery pieces made with wax and micro-casting technique